Welcome to the web page for the Singer/Songwriter Challenge! 


On Facebook you can find us and our songs at https://www.facebook.com/singersongwritersummerchallenge/      


When Laurel Hay, Ben Tomandl, and Mark Hay first started this group, they only imagined that it would be a fun Summer project for the year.    A song a week challenge prompted by certain words, phrases, or photos would soon turn in to something much bigger than any of them ever thought possible.   Now the group boasts over 50+ songwriters for the 2020 Challenge.    There is also a Winter Challenge edition that begins January 1st each year, because who doesn't need a fun New Years Resolution to spark their creativity.   The difference with the Winter challenge is that it runs a little bit longer because each writer gets 2 weeks to write each song.   The idea behind that is that it is cold in the Midwest and everyone tends to hibernate and slow down a bit.   Also, Laurel is a teacher so that explains a lot.   Even though the group added a Winter Challenge... they are still known as Singer/Songwriter Summer Challenge on Facebook, because it was already established before they added the Winter Challenge.   The writing groups keep growing and growing, and while that happens, the quality of the songs are getting better and better.    


The group has a showcase at the end of each writing session.   The showcase has been held in many different locations over the years, but now has a home base at Ziggy's on Mainstreet in Downtown Stillwater, MN.   Typically, most songwriters in the group are from MN or WI, and Stillwater is a great fit right on the boarder.   However, the group has also had members from Florida, Missouri, New York and many other states who participate, and they are always welcome to join for the showcase as well!  

Check in on our Facebook page to follow along with the new songs being written and posted each week.   



Songwriters (both past and present) include:

Laurel Hay

Sarah Morris

Katy Vernon

Pat Egan

Ben Tomandl

Annie Fitzgerald

Roy Holdren

Nigel Egg

John Louis

Briana Lane

Andrew Dunn

Meg Durkin

Tim Cheesebrow

Graham Bramblett

Keith Chrysler

Jess Gamble

Jen Bluhm

Dave Novak

Tim Fast

Jillian Rae

Kelly Augustine

Tim Houllihan

Steven Peterson

Leo Ohmann

Dan Lugo

Diana Ohmann

Matt French

Bruce Caswell

Janice Snyder

Mike Haldorson

Brian Barthow

Steve Sullivan

Alison Neil

Jess Trigger

Pete Elkin

Jake Bosben

Mark Grim

Amanda Lynn

Karen Folman

Vickey Emerson

Alison Swan 

Andriana Leahr

and so many more!!!




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